Prospecting Secondary raw materials
in the Urban mine and Mining wastes Metadata catalogue


Funded by the European Union’s programme Horizon 2020 (grant No 641999).

Micka - quick help

  1. Foreword
  2. Metadata querying
  3. Metadata editing
  4. Administration
  5. Metadata filling guidelines

1. Foreword

Micka is the spatial data / services metadata management system to ISO, OGC and INSPIRE standards.

Supported standards

Any new standard based on XML document could be implemented to the system. A specific module was developed to administrate its implementation.

Following standards are implemented:


Two profiles can be used for ProSUM:

The user can change the profile during editing.

Language environment

Metadata itself may be multilingual. The user defines main language and other languages during record creation or record administration. In all cases UTF-8 codepage is used.

2. Metadata querying

The application offers basic metadata search. More complex queries are enabled via catalogue service (OGC CSW 2.0.2), which is a part of the application.

There is a search form on the home page:

The search criteria corresponds to mandatory catalogue service queryables, INPSPIRE specification and Czech Geological Survey special requirements.

ATTENTION! Query represents logical intersection of all filled input fields (logical AND).

The results are displayed in the record list. Other actions are available by clicking icons at the record header with context help.

One record example:

Icons used to indicate resource type:

Non geographic dataset
Feature catalogue
Dublin core metadata

Action icons:

Display map on the geoportal if WMS is available for the data.
Basic metadata
Full metadata
Metadata XML (ISO 19139)

If more records are found, you may browse the list pages on the bottom of the page.

3. Metadata editing

Logged-in users can create, edit, import/export and delete metadata records according to their rights.

4. Administration

Administrators only have access to this part.

5. Metadata editing guidelines

Metadata editing requires some knowledge of standards, hence some education training or some consultation are recommended.